I like the idea of associating the world of Alisia with the family. Each element that makes up our creations produce something unique, as is my relationship with my children.

The CHAIN is like the link between us and that has led us to face the challenges of this adventure borns in 2010 and in which we believe.

STONES, synonymous of strength, transparency, resistance, characteristics on which our values are based.

The WIRE is the philosophical line on which our ideas flow and our achievements and progress are woven. It represents the consistency of our project.

PEARLS are like the soul, the intellectual light in the heart. They are the female symbol, because in this creative reality women are protagonists.

And that is why our gaze is aimed above all at women who live intense, complicated lives every day. Struggling for their dreams and desires, who work, love, wait, hope. Women who give themselves and get involved. Each of these women can find her creation in silver to be worn as a manifesto of herself.


gioielli alisia


SARA is the creator of Alisia. Passion and travel are her key words. She loves to create at night when everything is silent, she slips the headphones with the playlist of the heart and lets herself be carried away inspired by the inputs she gets from his trips. Lioness in the nature, defends the projects in which she believes with tenacity and determination.

ELIA the son of Sara, her right arm. His aplomb is the strong point necessary to carry out the entire production machine and to deal with company management in its problems with ease and security. He is kind in the heart, but determined and workaholic in daily practice.

JESSICA, the first daughter, is a versatile soul, passionate about cooking and globetrotting. In times when she returns to the base she brings foreign influences into creative proposals. In the work break that gives the best, occasionally refreshing the staff with her healthy kitchen in the periodic productive marathons. In international trade fairs with her five languages, she is the passport to the world for Alisia.

ALICE the youngest. With hers marked dexterity, she contributes to making pieces exclusively assembled by hand, assisted by the productive staff. She is also the gracious presence that you will find in the heart of Bassano del Grappa.