We are online

Alisia 's family.

Our team works every day to maintain a balance of elegance among the precious materials andSilver 925.


The "made with love" was born from the passion that keeps us together and that allows us to create unique pieces in their specialties.


The love for the "Nice" is enhanced and transmitted through social,

that allow us to enter into the life of girls, women, mothers and daughters who follow us and support us in every adventure.


Alisia is told through images of their products, worn by girls,

in everyday life and details that highlight its sophistication.

Doing so creates a special connection with his followers.


We analyze and reflect on the past and future fashion, to create the fashion of present.

Alisia wants to create its mood, the mood that treat Female emotions and special moments.

The jewel is becoming a meaning.

If designed and created by hand takes on a unique preciousness.


Now you can browse the catalog by Alisia online

and buy our jewelry that you have waited.